Toki Orui

Artist Statement

- Hiroshima
- Landscapes
- Portraits


Artist Statement

The painter who has had the greatest influence on me is Gerhard Richter. He has made me see reality in a new light. His paintings of the Second World War, together with encouragement from my late husband, my son and professor William Pura at the University of Manitoba, led me to my first solo exhibition - Hiroshima Diary.

I have been particularly attracted to Richter's handing of light and shadow. When I began my next series, Landscape as Muse, I used light and shadow to convey feelings of stillness and peace.

Next, I began a series of portraits of my granddaughter, Kiah. Like Hiroshima Diary, world peace was again a source of inspiration. Kiah is close to my heart, and it is for her that I want a peaceful future.

- Toki Orui
July 2007